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Transformative Development Initiative (TDI)

Tyler St TDI

Tyler Street District TDI

2014-2017 ARCHIVE of TYLER STREET TDI Events, Activities and Documents
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CoUrbanize Pittsfield

A community engagement and planning initiative for the revitalization of Tyler Street and the Morningside neighborhood, towards developing a unique, thriving, working multicultural business/residential district.

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Sign up for a Better Block Workshop Aug 23-25!
Better Block Staging, Aug 23-25, 2017

Better Block Community Walk & Talk, Jun 11, 2017
Better Block Community Walk & Talk, Jun 8, 2017
Tyler St TDI Public Open House, Oct 11, 2016
Tyler St TDI @ Discover Tyler St Fest, Aug 25, 2016
Tyler St TDI Community Feedback (Brochure)
Tyler St TDI Public Open House, Feb 3, 2016
Tyler St TDI Community interviews, Oct 8-9 2015
Tyler St TDI Kickoff Open House, Aug 19 2015

The Tyler St District TDI is a three year initiative providing assistance in completing an actionable plan for revitalization of the neighborhood, towards a shared vision of a thriving residential neighborhood linking the William Stanley Business Park and Berkshire Medical Center, with stores and services within walking distance.




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